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The Private Presale has Commenced

Our private presale has commenced.
Minimum investment of USD 50,000 per investor with a 30% token distribution bonus.
Join the private presale by filling up the KYC form.

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Total of 1 Billion GO Tokens Generated

Distribution of Funds

Tentative breakdown of how funds raised will be used to facilitate GO's development and future growth
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Pre-ICO to commence June 2018
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The Token Sale Rounds are Detailed Below:

PHASE Private Presale Public Presale Week 1 Token Sale Week 2 Token Sale Week 3 Token Sale
MAX. CAP + BONUS 150,000,000 GO Tokens + 30% Bonus Remainder from Private Presale + 15% Bonus Remainder from Public Presale + 100,000,000 GO Tokens + 10% Bonus Remainder from Week 1 + 100,000,000 GO Tokens + 5% Bonus Remainder from Week 2 + 200,000,000 GO Tokens