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Booking platforms charge hotels up to 30% in commission and prioritize property searches based on this commissions. GOeureka will operate on a unbiased and transparent business model where all hotels are treated equal. Our goal is to drive cost efficiencies for travellers by creating a platform that runs on a fixed commission structure of 5% and to deliver additional member benefits through the use of the GOT token.

The team behind GOeureka is made up of industry veterans that have held senior positions at household travel tech companies like Agoda, Hotelbeds, Travco and Tourico. Collectively there is over a hundred years of travel tech experience between the founding team.

GOeureka held a successful token sale in 2018. The investment was used to build out the booking platform, connect with hotel suppliers and hire out an operations team. We focussed on getting the booking platform market ready and also ensuring we continued to increase our hotel partnerships across the Globe.

Not long after our launch the Covid-19 pandemic happened so we had to reallocate resources and scale back our operations. It was a very challenging time but has definitely made us more resilient and with the help of our investors and the rise in domestic hotel bookings, we were are now ready to relaunch an updated version of our hotel booking platform.

GOeureka features


Affordable, efficient and low commissions cryto-currency enabled booking platform for consumers


A token based loyalty program that will provide greater utility and value for travellers.


Selling hotel room(s) inventory via B2B and B2C channels


Earn CREDIT (CRD) tokens by staking GOT and unlock additional benefits

Token Sale

  • 1 XTZ = 50 GOT

    Limited Token Sale
  • $ 1,550,000

  • XTZ

    Acceptable Currency
Starting Time : JUL 12,2021 8AM EST
Ending Time : JUL 14,2021 8AM EST
Token : GOT Token
Token Sale : 10,000,000 GOT
We accept :  Tezos

GOeureka previously carried out a private fundraise in the first quarter of 2018 which raised USD1.55M. This enabled GO to successfully build their platform and connect to over 500,000 hotels which will be available at launch in July 2021. GO will be launching a public token sale on Tezos in July 2021 with the following attributes.

  • A total of 88,000,000 (Eighty Eight Million) GOT Tokens to be generated

  • 14% will be distributed to GO’s immediate team (12%) and advisors (2%) (12 month lock on tokens for team releasing 10% monthly thereafter and 6 month lock on tokens for advisors releasing 10% monthly)

  • 34.6% will be reserved for initial investors who invested during our private sale (tokens released 10% monthly from the date of listing on Quipuswap).

  • 40% will be kept in a reserve pool for operating initiatives, funding marketing strategies and other activities relevant to the growth of the business.

  • 11.4% to be released in a Limited Token Sale. 40% of the tokens will be released upon Quipuswap listing and the balance 60% will be released 30 days later. (Unsold tokens to be burnt).

Distribution of Funds

The following is a tentative breakdown of how funds raised will be used to facilitate GO’s development and future growth.

  • Liquidity

    25% of funds raised will be utilized to provide liquidity on the Quipuswap exchange upon listing

  • Marketing

    Majority of funds raised will be used for marketing to increase the visibility of GO’s platform. GO intends to use its marketing budget to build and develop brand equity through strategic partnerships, branding, and creative efforts as well as paid advertising channels such as digital marketing and advertising.

  • Operations

    Operational costs for the management team, customer services team, staff members and other related bodies required for GO’s day-to-day operations and further employment.

  • Core Development

    Services for the development and maintenance of the GO platform. This includes blockchain developers, software developers, technical support, and the maintenance team.

  • Security

    Security is a major concern for the online community, where threats from hackers and unethical persons are likely as they target funds and transactions on the platform. GO intends to build a tight security network and provide data encryption for wallets on the platform.

  • Legal

    Legal fees for services to facilitate negotiation with hotels, legal compliance with bank infrastructures to ensure smooth transactions between fiat currency and cryptocurrency.


Website and App

Hotels can list their products and services on the GO website where they will have full control of their own listings, rates, policies, and features. This aligns with GO’s objective of being a technological partner for hotels, creating a more transparent framework for all parties involved.

GO will provide the following features on its website:

  • Staking of GOT tokens to obtain CREDIT (CRD)
  • Feature factory that enables hotels to customize their offerings on the GO platform
  • Hotel inventory management
  • Token based loyalty program

For the first time, the hotel customer’s journey remains uninterrupted. The GO App ensures that hotel customers are looked after from the time of booking to the duration of their stay right until check out and payment.



The complete development and launch of GO’s platform will be its main priority and earliest completed objective. Essential features will be built for the launch of GO’s market ready platform and this will continued to be developed moving forward.

Our Team


Manraj Rai

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Manraj Rai

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur and investor that has successfully set up and scaled businesses within the hospitality and automotive sectors prior to GOeureka. Manraj is passionate about blockchain technology and has been actively pursuing the development of blockchain over the past 6 years. He aims to revolutionize the travel industry with his current venture, GOeureka. Realizing the inefficiencies faced by hotels online, Manraj founded GOeureka and developed a platform to provide transparency and an equal playing ground for hotels.


Justin Lim

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Justin Lim

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Justin has been in the advertising technology sector for much of his career. He is passionate about using data and technology to help brands better engage with consumers. Justin was part of the four man commercial team that help launch Unruly across Asia Pacific, taking it from start-up to scale-up and then on to a successful $176m exit to News Corp in 2015. Prior to his involvement with Unruly, he held various commercial roles at DAZN, a leading digital business that is one of Euorpe’s biggest digital success stories. He is responsible for the marketing, user acquisition and growth of GOeureka’s platform.


Venkatesh Thatham

Chief Technology Officer

Venkatesh Thatham

Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO of GOeureka, Venky and his team is responsible for shaping the company’s technology and innovation strategies and managing the overall structure build of the GOeureka platform. A technology architect with extensive experience in building and deploying complex B2B & B2C solutions.


Nop Banthupanich

Head of Operations

Nop Banthupanich

Head of Operations

Nop oversees the company’s operations and heads up a team of Fifteen people at GOeureka. He has built a career in the travel sector spanning over a decade and has held senior operations roles at some of world’s biggest travel and tourism company’s.


Jan Pirapatdist

Head of Partnerships

Jan Pirapatdist

Head of Partnerships

Jan is the partnerships lead at GOeureka and manages a growing team of Eight who are responsible for the company’s hotel partnerships. Her focus is to develop these partnerships, contract and then onboard hotels directly onto the GO platform. A crucial part of the business as this enables the GO platform to cut out the middle man and supply hotel rooms directly to consumers. Jan has over 20 years of experience in the hotel partnerships business and worked at HotelBeds and Travco prior to joining GOeureka.

Advisory Board


Trond Vidar Bjoroy

Travel Advisor (Technology)

Trond Vidar Bjoroy

Travel Advisor (Technology)

Trond has 22 years experience in the travel industry, focusing on travel technology, product development and business process improvement. He is also a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, exploring how it can be used to create new solutions that will transform the future of travel. Trond is a an established journalist and contributor at VentureBeat where he writes about blockchain projects, IEO’s, TGEs and the crypto space. He has also recently taken on the role of content writer at Hathor Network and his articles have also been published at sites like The Next Web, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Tnooz, Emerce, The Bridge and CryptoDaily.co.uk.


Chan Huan Gee

Strategic Advisor (Operations)

Chan Huan Gee

Strategic Advisor (Operations)

Chan is an ex-country director at Agoda, a subsidiary of Booking Holdings Ltd which also operates numerous travels and tourism companies like Booking.com. He was responsible for overseeing the entire operations across South East Asia and served as a senior advisor to their Japan business. He oversaw multiple business units during his time at Agoda and has been in the OTA business for most of his career.


Joshua Dechant

CodeCrafting, Inferscience (Software Engineer)

Joshua Dechant

CodeCrafting, Inferscience (Software Engineer)

Joshua Dechant aka Codecrafting is a seasoned software engineer and application architect. He was one of the early adopters of the Tezos blockchain and recently developed Crunchy Network which is the first Defi-as-a -Service platform built on the Tezos blockchain. Joshua's role at GOeureka is to develop the token sale smart contract, manage the creation of GOT tokens, and advise on strategic and technical developments on the Tezos blockchain moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

GOeureka is a travel tech company utilising blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform. Our mission is to decentralise the hotel booking sector and deliver greater transparency by allowing hotels to directly connect with their customers. As a technology partner to hotels, GO aims to provide a dynamic digital experience to users and eradicate the high commission structures imposed by online travel agents. By reducing the financial commitments of hotels to third-party booking platforms, GO’s vision is to enable hotels to focus more resources on providing better intrinsic value and services to travellers around the globe.
GOeureka founders and core team have strong commercial and technical competence with a deep understanding of market dynamics backed by a talented pool of blockchain consultants and management advisors from hotel and consultancy industries.
OTA domination: OTAs manage 70% of online bookings, impacting hotel direct bookings and profit margins • Unfavorable T&Cs: OTA contracts with hotels demand rate parity and best price guarantees • High commissions: OTAs charge 15%–30% commissions, squeezing hotel margins further • Hotel brand dilution.
We have signed partnership agreements to secure 500+k hotels around the world on our platform. Our platform is already up and running and we will re-launching the platform in July 2021.
All contributions may be made using XTZ via Wiltpad. Tokens will be deposited to you upon completion of the sale to avoid unauthorised listing of our token.
We only accept XTZ as a form of payment for our token sale
Please follow these guides: Kukai wallet -https://docs.kukai.app/learn-kukai/new-wallet Temple wallet - https://www.madfish.solutions/blog/how-to-start-with-the-temple-wallet-guide-for-newbies/
There is no minimum or maximum amount set.
All contributions are automated and will go through the smart contract. To avoid conflicts and further issues, we will not facilitate refunds (some exceptions may apply). You may sell tokens on Quipuswap exchange once the token sale is over.
Token sale will be launched on Rocket and Instaraise launchpads which are launchpads built on Tezos.
Token sale will run from July 12 2021, 8AM EST to July 14 2021, 8AM EST.
40% of the tokens will be released immediately upon Quipuswap listing and the balance 60% will be released 30 days later.
10M GOT tokens have been allocated for the token sale.
The following wallets are known to be compatible with Tezos tokens (FA2 standard): Temple, Kukai.
There is no minimum/maximum purchase amount set.
There is no pre-registration/whitelisting requirement to participate.
Liquidity on Quipuswap - 25% Marketing – 30%, Operations – 20%, Core Development – 15%, Security – 5%, Legal – 5%. Our whitepaper has a detailed breakdown of how the funds will be used.
No. GOT Tokens are utility tokens, token holders have access to products and services that will be offered on the GO platform in the future.
GOT will be used on GO's platform and token holders may use GOT to enjoy discounted services. Our whitepaper explains the use of GOT on the platform in detail.
GOT will be listed on Quipuswap exchanges after the Token sale.
GOT may be sold on any exchange it is listed on after the token sale, but token holders may choose to spend tokens on GO's platform moving forward to unlock a wide array of benefits.
Initial Listing will be on Quipuswap upon completion of the token sale event.
Upon completion of the Token Sale, GOT tokens will be transferred to the wallet where payment was remitted.

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