Next-Gen Solution Shaping The Future of Online Hotel Booking

Blockchain hotel booking platform unlocking unprecedented value for hotels and customers around the world.

How It Works

Hotels manage inventory and commission-free bookings on the platform.
Customers browse, make bookings and receive unprecedented benefits in the form of interoperable loyalty rewards, an automated re-booking feature, GO tokens and credits as loyalty rewards, concierge services and a GO debit card.
Customer journey is taken care of from booking to checkout with the GOeureka app.

Worldwide coverage with 200,000 hotels available at launch

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GOeureka Token Sale

GOeureka will conduct a token sale and the proceeds will be used to complete development of the platform and to carry out marketing and promotional activities. GOeureka Token (GOT) holders will be able to utilize their tokens across the platform to pay for hotel reservations without any additional transactions charges. GOT holders can also use their tokens to unlock a range of other features and services across the platform.
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